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I thought he might be down there a while, but after only about a minute of some serious licking he stood up, pulled her hips closer to the edge of the mattress, and jammed his seven-inch dick into her wet slit.

She had her legs up in the air with Robby pressing his hands against the backs of her thighs to keep them there as he pounded her hard.

I helped Jamie off with her jacket and unzipped her skirt so she could slip it off.

She quickly removed her lacy top and I unhooked her bra.

She asked us to leave her undershorts on -- they were leopard-print boy-shorts -- which was fine because they'd been altered by having two carefully placed holes cut out of the crotch.

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Meanwhile, Robby was stripping down to bare skin, tossing his clothes haphazardly onto the floor in his haste to start in on Jamie.We helped flip her over -- her equilibrium was compromised somewhat by the blindfold -- and I entered her from behind, doggie-style.It had been a couple of months since I'd had sex, so this was a welcome opportunity and I made the most of it, thrusting enthusiastically as Jamie reached down with her right hand and rubbed it briskly across her clit.I'd stroked myself from a semi-hard to a fully erect state and climbed onto the bed so she could take my dick in her mouth.

By changing my angle of approach, I was able to slide my entire member into her mouth.I went inside and locked the door behind me and put a token in the machine and the video started playing. He claimed his GPS was all fucked up, but I was more certain it was operator error.

He quips that someone suggested Dre consider doing sneakers and Dre’s response was “F— sneakers, let’s do speakers.” In July 2008, Dre released his high-performance headphones, Beats by Dre from Monster.… continue reading »

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A few months into their relationship, Markko becomes concerned about the constant absence of Langston's parents.… continue reading »

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